Lino Lakes House Inspection

This past Monday we were expecting to receive the estimate for how much the cost of a new septic will cost along with the location of the septic, etc.

The listing agent informed us on Friday that they were not aware that they were to provide that although we have requested it a few times. She said there was a misunderstanding but I am having a hard time believing that as we have asked for it over and over again. Wouldn’t you think she would say “What is it you want?” or something to that effect if she was unclear?  I don’t like playing games.

Apparently, a design had to be created first before they could get estimates for installing a new septic which can’t happen until after the ground thaws — normally around the beginning of May according to the designer.

We have requested a copy of the design and will have to have additional days added to the inspection contingency so that we can review everything before we finally sign off on the purchasing of the house.

Much frustration would have been prevented had the listing agent given us this information ahead of time.

In addition, during the inspection of the house this past Wednesday, we found several things that need to be remedied by the sellers.  A leaky sanitary pipe, rusted gauges, fireplaces that need to be cleaned and a venting flue that needs to be moved due to it being too close to combustibles.

We did not request they repair the deck which does not have the proper bracing and lacks other things.  We’ll take a closer look at that when the snow thaws and make adjusts later if need be.

We’re in a holding pattern now waiting for the sellers to agree to the things we’ve requested.

Although this is a nice house and we really like the neighborhood, we may have to walk if things don’t come together soon.  We don’t have time to waste as we want to be out of our apartment by May 1st.  So, if this isn’t going to work, we need to make an offer on another house rather quickly.



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