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Mississippi River in Newport, MN

Throughout my short life, I have seen many instances where people wouldn’t help other people. Most of the time the help needed is money but sometimes it’s a person’s time.

Scenario 1: A person who is on drugs will ask for money because they are going to be homeless if they don’t pay their rent.

Hmmm … are they really going to pay their rent or are they going to use it for drugs? And, if they use it for rent will that free up any other money they have for drugs?

Scenario 2: An alcoholic who has recently joined Alcoholics Anonymous asks for a ride to the meetings. You prioritize your time around their meetings only to be stood up over and over again. Now they are pleading with you and state that for sure they’ll make it to this next one.

Hmmm … should I keep wasting my time showing up when they don’t?

Scenario 3: A homeless person says they’ll work for money but they don’t show up numerous times for the work you have for them.

Hmmm … Do I keep scheduling them for the work or give it to someone who is more interested?

Scenario 4: You help a person who is in need over and over again. One time, you need their help and they tell you no. You know they have the time but they just don’t want to do it.

Hmmm … Do I continue helping them when they won’t help me when I need help?

I like this quote that I read in a book called Ministry of Healing:

“Many of those who came to Christ for help had brought disease upon themselves, yet He did not refuse to heal them.”

If I follow in Christ’ steps, my response would be to continue helping in spite of what I get out of it in the end and in spite of what they have done previously.

Having said that, it’s not easy to do.

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