Tree Lessons

It’s dusk. The sky is a perfect shade of blue. The air is crisp.

Looking up, I see this perfect tree. I can tell it was pruned at one time. But I hear no complaints.

The branches reach in all directions.  Small and large branches. Naked in the sky for all to see its flaws or beauty.


People are so different. We hide behind clothes, make-up, words. Facades.

Are we afraid that there is no one else in the world like us who has the same weaknesses, failures, ugliness? The fear is unwarranted. We’re all basically the same.

Looking at me, can people see that I fight against impatience, anger, rejection, failure at succeeding? Would they embrace it with me to get past it or would they look past it as if it didn’t exist?

Oh trees! How I wish I could just let my humanity out without fear of rejection or judgment.

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