Apartment Living

My tolerance level is getting very low living at the Classic At the Preserve in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Sitting on my sofa watching TV in the middle of the day, I hear a key in the door. Thinking it was my husband, I got up to unlock the top latch. A woman stood there with a clipboard.

She: Oh, I must have the wrong apartment. I’m doing inspections. Do you live here?

Me: Yes, I do.

She: I wanted the apartment above you. Sorry.

She walked away. In my head I’m thinking “how could she want to do an inspection on the apartment above us as one of the caretakers lives there?”

I call the apartment office to complain as no one called to ask permission to enter our apartment nor did the woman knock.

Manager: I’m so sorry. They are only supposed to enter vacant apartments.

Me: Well she should have known ours was not empty.

Manager: I’ll talk with her as soon as she gets back.

An hour later, my husband gets a call at work letting us know that our apartment has been rented out starting May 1st. That’s really interesting. We are on a month-to-month lease and were asked to let them know if we were moving by the 15th of the month.

Looking at the calendar (sarcastically), I see it’s only the 7th.

I call the management office and speak with the same lady I spoke with earlier.

Me: I understand our apartment is rented starting May 1st.

She: Yes, we called to tell you.

Me: We haven’t given notice that we’re moving yet.

She: Well, you were supposed to give notice at the end of last month.

Me: No, we were told the 15th and we have documentation of that process being followed the last 4 months.

She: Well, I’m sorry but we’ve already signed a 12 month lease with someone else as we were told you found a house.

Me: Oh, who told you we found a house?

No answer.

Me: Well, unfortunately, we have until the 15th to give notice so we may still be here in May.

She: The lease …

Me: You’ve broken your lease several times already and now you want to follow it?

She: We should follow the lease.

Me: Then we need 30 days notice prior to the month that you need us to leave.

She: I’ll check with the owner and call you back.

After an hour or so, I received a call from her letting me know that the apartment is rented to someone else. So I asked “Are you evicting us?”

She: No, no, no one said anything about eviction.

Me: Well, unless we give notice that we’re moving we plan on extending our lease and living in the apartment we’re in. And, if you’d like, I’d be happy to hand you the extension with a letter from our attorney.

Needless to say — she hung up after letting me know she would have to check with the owner again.

I’m waiting for the next call. There has been so much turnover in the management office that I don’t think anyone knows what is going on.

Apartment living … I can’t believe it’s this bad.


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