Apartment Living and Paranoia

Ever since the rental office at our apartment complex tried to enter our apartment without notifying us, I have fears of them trying to do it again.

When I return from errands, I now look around to see if anything is different. A closed door that was open, a fragrance in the air that doesn’t belong, etc.

I’ve considered putting cans inside our door when we leave so that when someone opens the door the cans would fall over.  Then we’d know someone was here as they would have to place the cans the same way as I had them.

Or, perhaps I should make my bed with pillows as if someone is sleeping and close the bedroom door. Surely, if they open the bedroom door and see “someone” sleeping they won’t enter.

My safety and privacy now feel threatened. Is it really worth it to fight with them to stay here one more month? I think not.

So, at the end of this month, we’ll move into Extended Stay. Hopefully our house will close by then although we’re still having issues with getting the contract signed by the relocation company that is representing the sellers.


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