Lake Elmo House Offer

We made our offer on the Lake Elmo house on March 31st.  To date, we have yet to receive a signed Purchase Agreement from the relocation company.  Time is ticking. We need to be out of our apartment by April 30th at the latest.

We had the inspection on the house this past Friday afternoon. That did not go well. The inspector arrived at 2 pm and we arrived at 3 pm. When we rang the doorbell, a young man, aged 17 or 18, opened the door. I was surprised and asked him if he was the inspector. He said no. The inspector came down the stairs and greeted us.

At that time, the inspector told us that he had completed the first floor already. However, he told us that there was a sick child in a room and that we could not enter one room. The young man who had opened the door told us that the room was quarantined as his brother had a bacterial infection.

Oh great! I have bronchitis and we’re not advised that someone in the house has a bacterial infection. I called our agent right away to let her know. We continued following the inspector around until he completed the inspection.

Overall, the inspector said the house is in great shape although there were places he could not see very well into as the house is very cluttered.

The inspector left the radon testing kit in the basement and said he’d come back for it on Monday.

When our real estate agent contacted the other agent regarding the inaccessibility of one bedroom and some places where the inspector could not see very well, the agent responded that we should have been able to go into all rooms and that he was not aware of the radon testing.

Every offer we have made seems to have had some problems. This one beats them all. We probably shouldn’t have had the inspection done until we received agreement on the Purchase Agreement but the seller’s agent said we needed to get this done asap.

Today we met with our real estate agent to determine what remedies we’d like them to make. We can’t send anything to them though until we have a signed agreement.

So – off we went to open houses looking for our next house to make an offer on if the relocation company does not send us a signed contract soon.

We visited a beautiful brand new house that sits on a corner lot that is really nice. The lot is not very large and it’s next to a semi-busy street but we figure we can plant large evergreens and put a fence up to help with noise.

Tomorrow — another day, another decision. The relocation company still has to have a septic, well and chimney test done. And, we’re going to close on April 29th? I really don’t have much hope of that happening.



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