Rain and Mosquitoes

The wind moves the clouds swiftly through the sky as the rain pummels down on my car. I haven’t seen this “type” of rain in a long time.

Minnesota has given us many sunny days for which we have been thankful. But with the rain comes the promise of budding trees, daffodils, crocuses and green grass. The terrain already looks different from when we first arrived in November. The snow is now a memory — although they are talking about the possibility of snow for tomorrow morning.

It is definitely spring. Even mosquitoes have ventured out already enjoying the feast of nectar (males and females) or blood (females). Females must have blood in order to produce eggs and are attracted by the chemicals in human perspiration.  Adults live for 4-6 weeks.

The dragonfly is a natural enemy of the mosquito. Since we’ll be moving into a house that has a treed lot and is near a lake, I’m thinking of perhaps becoming friends with the dragonfly — assuming they don’t have their own quirky habits.


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