New House

Although we took possession of our house this past Friday, we stayed at a hotel over the weekend to de-stress from moving from the apartment into the house and running around to close on the house.

Yesterday, we changed the locks on the front door as well as the garage side door. Then I started cleaning the kitchen cabinets and putting drawer liners in.  Although the sellers left the house fairly clean, I noticed that there were a few places where they didn’t do too good of a job.

For instance, the very top shelves were not clean nor were the under-sides of each shelf.  And the lazy susan wasn’t very clean either on the inside.  A lot of comet did the trick.

Lazy Susan

I bought two different kinds of drawer liners – one more difficult to install than the other. Neither are like contact paper in that they don’t have adhesive underneath.

The first one is prettier and is called Grip Prints. It has a nice texture and a simple design to it.


Grip Prints Drawer Liners

However, this one was a little harder to install as when I cut the paper with scissors, it would always cut crooked so the first couple of liners in the drawer are crooked. What I wound up doing is setting the paper inside the drawer and rolling it to the edge where I wanted it to go.

Then, I would take a pen and mark the place where it needed to be cut along the edge of the drawer. The paper seemed to be crooked but this actually worked to get the right size in the drawer.

Once I started cutting it this way, everything fit perfectly.

The second liner I used is called Grip Ultra Drawer Liner. It has more of a foamy feel to it but it cuts well. Just measure the length and width you need and cut away.


Grip Ultra Drawer Liner

I got both of these at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Almost finished with the lining part of my work, at least in the kitchen. I still have bathrooms to do.

[amazon_link id=”B004MDWWPM” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Grip Prints Shelf & Drawer Liner, 12" x 5' Dottie Pale Pink[/amazon_link]


[amazon_link id=”B002NLUV5I” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Kittrich 6O5900 Ultra Grip Liner 20"x4' - Taupe (Pack of 6)[/amazon_link]

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