Day 3 at the New House

Having no furniture yet, we slept last night on the shag carpet in the master bedroom, one twin air mattress and a camper’s twin pad underneath us. I conked out rather quickly as my bones are tired. I think perhaps we can only make one more move in my lifetime as moving is a lot of work.

When I awoke, I noticed that our balcony faces east.  Sun rise. Very nice. After getting ready, I headed downstairs and noticed that the sun was shining on the screened-in porch and you could see the buds on the trees just beyond.

It looked surreal – as if it was from a postcard.

After driving my husband to work, I returned to await the carpet cleaners. I called two companies and only one called me back. So – Daisy Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning was the recipient of our business.

A young man called about 20 minutes before coming out. When they arrived they explained everything that they would do and after each room was completed they asked if I wanted to see it in case there were any problems. After the first couple of rooms, I didn’t really need to see any more.

They were quick and efficient and I was happy that my carpets were now clean.

I put in more shelf liners and filed some paperwork away.

I then decided to clean the master bedroom balcony. It was filthy. I decided to use a mix of Pine Sol and a gallon of water. It worked fantastically and the balcony is now ready for furniture.

Next, prepping the master bedroom walls for priming before painting as the walls are a dark red. I usually use TSP, trisodium phosphate, with water to clean the walls. Normally one can use TSP to take away the glossiness from the walls as it makes it easier to paint along with cleaning it well.

Red Bedroom Wall

Unfortunately, with a septic system, one has to be very careful what kind of chemicals they use. So, I decided to go with a tablespoon of Pine Sol and a gallon of water instead. This worked very well to get the walls cleaned.

In order to reach near the ceiling to clean, we went to Menards (similar to a Lowes or a Home Depot) this weekend and purchased a step ladder. This ladder is great because you can put your whole foot on the step so that your feet don’t ache at the end of the day.

Easy Reach by Gorilla Ladders

The proper equipment is so important.

I noticed that the previous painter (I’m assuming the seller) left a few paint “drip” spots that I will have to sand down before I prime the walls.

This happens when one puts too much paint on the wall, gets distracted and forgets to check their work. A lot of people will not go back to correct this, especially if they’ve put all their tools away.

Tomorrow is another day — I will be pulling nails from walls and filling the cracks, taping and then priming so that the old red paint color will not seep through to the new one. Hmmm … I wonder what color we’ll be using.

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