Furniture Has Arrived

The Mayflower truck pulled up yesterday morning. I was happy to see it but hesitant as I couldn’t remember everything that I had packed. The truck looked small but it took 3 hours to unload. I was given one task — check off the inventory as it was called and taken off the truck. Easy enough.

The workers would pull the dollies up to me and say “where do you want this?” The worst part about all of this is that the boxes I bought all had the labels on the top. So, unless I had a note on the side (not usual), I had to have them move the boxes so I could see where each one went. After awhile, the workers did that work themselves once they had a feel for where things were going in the house.

Then they left. I thought – alright! Now I can start unpacking. I walked into the house and was a little overwhelmed. Where did all these boxes come from?

The first room I wanted to tackle was the kitchen. All the kitchen boxes were lined up for me. I started out unpacking one box at a time but then I thought “I should open each one to see what’s inside and then unpack.” So — knife in hand — I opened each kitchen box.

The plethora of kitchen utensils was daunting. I had just come from an apartment where I had 4 pieces of each type of silverware, one large spoon, etc. It appears we have quite a few of each item now. Hmmm … what happened to downsizing?

I’m happy to say that half of the kitchen is completed. The other half will be finished today if all goes as planned. Only 2 kitchen items were broken – a quiche plate and a bowl.

Since I had used some towels as buffers when packing, I picked each one up and smelled them. They smelled musty – probably from being in storage for 5 1/2 months.

As a matter of fact, all of our clothes smell musty and must be washed. I’m not sure how much a water well can handle between the dishwasher (I like things rinsed out) and the washer (things must be clean before hanging).

I decided that since we’ve lived with our current clothing “allowance” for 5 1/2 months, we can do without more clothing for a little while longer.

We did have a moving accident. One of our dining rooms chairs was cracked when we examined it. So far, not too bad in terms of what is damaged.

By the end of the day, my calves and feet complained mightily since I had been in slippers all day. From now on I’ll be wearing my gym shoes with orthotics.

I regret not having hired a cleaning person when I moved in. That’s something that should have been done although the house was fairly clean — just not clean enough. I figured I had all week to do that work until I found out that the furniture was coming this week. Now, before I put linens away, I have to clean.

Oh well, live and learn.



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