New House Trials

With the arrival of our furniture and all of our possessions from Seattle, we are getting to the point of feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to do. Part of the problem is me. I’ve started projects that probably could have waited but in anticipation of getting them out of the way, I decided to slowly begin.

Most of the boxes are opened but with things still in them. I’ve decided to paint the 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The master bedroom is barn red and the other two smaller bedrooms are a grayish blue. I have yet to select the master bedroom color but one of the guest rooms will be yellow. I’ve decided to put chair rails in both of those guest rooms also which should spiff them up a bit.

The master bedroom has been partly primed – mainly the ceiling edges. On Tuesday, I hope to complete the priming with Wednesday being the day that the room gets the new color. Unfortunately, one wall has to remain barn red since we have to decide on draperies or blinds before we take down what is currently there — vertical blinds. They are pretty dirty and can’t be cleaned.

A strange problem we’ve noticed is that the laundry room smells like a laundromat. Every time I wash clothes (which has been a lot since all of our packed clothes smell musty) this smell permeates the laundry room. At first I thought maybe the septic was having problems with the detergent I use but my husband said he didn’t think so. He’s cleaned up an area behind the washer where the hose goes down towards the septic. We hope it works.

Last evening I wish I had had a “night” camera. I couldn’t sleep and got up around 1:30 in the morning and made my way slowly in the dark to the family room. Looking through the window, I saw hundreds of stars in the clear sky. It was so beautiful and within the hour I was asleep.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I use an application on my cell phone to read different Bible devotions. Last night took me to one in Psalm 127, verse 2 which was very appropriate. It says:

In vain you rise early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat
for He grants sleep to those He loves.

I couldn’t turn my brain off from everything that I had to do. I had risen early and here I was staying up late. Then I said to Father “you’re supposed to grant sleep to me because you love me, according to the verse I just read.”

His response was “If you wouldn’t drink coffee at 7:30 pm you wouldn’t be awake now.”

Okay, okay — He’s right. I know not to have coffee at night and it’s rare when I do. I can’t remember why we had dinner so late either.

Tonight I’ll sleep like a log — I wonder where that phrase came from as logs don’t sleep.


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