Painting the Bedrooms

Most of this week has been spent prepping the bedrooms on the second floor to paint them. The master bedroom is large but the 2 other bedrooms are smaller than what we’re used to although they are “big enough.”

The master bedroom is a dark red so we have to prime it first before painting it the color we want.

Red Bedroom Wall

Because our furniture arrived about a week earlier than expected, I’ve had to work around beds and boxes to prime. I started off not taping the ceiling thinking that I could carefully paint around the edges without getting any primer on the ceiling. That didn’t last very long. Normally I get a “blue” painters tape to tape off the border and window areas but we decided to try a generic brand of Frog Tape. It didn’t work too well though as the tape stuck a little too well and I had trouble getting it off after the painting was completed.

The primer I used is called Fast Prime 2 by Zinsser. I bought it at a local store called Menards (similar to a Home Depot). It worked pretty well and had very low odor.

Zinsser Fast Prime 2

Once the master bedroom was primed, I took out a new brush I bought for painting the corners with the paint I bought. I used a 1 1/2 inch brush for the corners prior to painting the whole room. The paint brush worked amazingly well. The brand is Painter’s Collection and when I finished with it the brush cleaned seamlessly.

Painter's Collection Paint Brush

Then it was time to paint the whole room. I selected a color called Thunder Bay by the Water’s Edge Home Collection.  It looks like a light teal with a tad (very tad) bit of gray. I say a tad because it does not look like it’s white-based. Very pretty.

Thunder Bay Color Paint

It looks very light but when it dries it looks a little it darker — much different than the red that was on the wall.

Unfortunately, once I painted the walls, the ceiling now looks dreary. It looked very nice and white until I tried to wipe off some dust in a few areas. Because it’s a “knock-down” ceiling, it doesn’t clean very well. All it did was make a darker blotch.

So – sometime in the future, I will have to paint the ceiling.

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