Changes and Death

I spoke to my friend the other day – the one whose wife of 47 years passed away. He sounds depressed. His four children have not been much help to him. He’s left alone to wonder “Why mow the lawn? There’s no one here to tell me that I did a good or bad job.”

I spent the day painting and thinking about his words. The older I get the more “things” seem insignificant. Will I care if my clothes are clean on my death bed or if I spent enough time with my family? Quality time that is.

There are too many people alone and lonely in this world. Being alone is not a bad thing in and of itself, but the loneliness is what brings people down. After I hung up the phone after speaking with him, I felt helpless. I live so far away from him now so all I can do is call and check up on him and pray — pray that others will remember him and help him in his time of sorrow.

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