Unpacking and Re-packing

I’m still unpacking boxes and clothes that arrived from Seattle about 2 weeks ago. Since they had been in storage for 5 1/2 months, I’ve had to wash everything which has made unpacking take much longer than it should. Still – it’s the right thing to do unless I want to smell musty the rest of my life.

The ironic thing is that now I am packing clothes for my trip back to Seattle. I’m finding that I need new clogs as the ones I’ve been galavanting around in hurt my feet since the sole has worn pretty thin. Then, there’s trying to find simple clothes to take back with me. Rather than go through every box looking for unstained t-shirts, I will happily shop today for a couple of new tops.

Having said that — I dislike shopping. A friend in Seattle once went shopping with me and it was wonderful. She would find clothes for me and bring them to the dressing room. Wrong size? She’d find the right one. Wrong color? She’d run out again and bring me a different color. It was simple. But it’s unrealistic for me to expect it’ll happen today since she lives in Seattle and I’m not shopping at Nordstrom’s.

I used to wear Birkenstock sandals all the time in Seattle. Not sure if I can find them locally here in Minnesota.

Can a 50+ year old still wear Birkenstocks without looking hippyish? Awww .. why not? Who cares what other people think? The question should be “Am I comfortable?”

Okay — time to psych myself out to shop.

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