Seattle Bound

I’ve been thinking about Seattle and my trip there soon. All the friends I’ll see and won’t see. My time there will not be long enough to visit absolutely everyone I know. Sometimes though, small “bits” of people make the time more valued.

I believe it’s because we don’t take the time for granted. And, this could be the last time we see the person. But isn’t that the way it is anyway? One minute a person’s alive and the next they are dead because of health or accidents.

Small “bits” of people – sometimes that’s really all we know about them anyway as people are too tightly guarded with themselves. Not all – just some. And it makes it hard to get to know them on the inside.

Fortunately, I have friends who are open and honest. Oh – but not too honest. (laughing)

I miss my friends in Seattle. It’s only distance though as sometimes we didn’t see each other very often. But the distance seems to make a difference because we can’t just run over and talk, sympathize, empathize or have a “spot of tea.”

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