Sunset in Lake Elmo

Today was a rather unusual day. I have not gotten used to the humidity yet so I am running around in a down jacket while everyone else is wearing t-shirts, shorts and sandals. Hmmm … it is rather warm with this jacket on — yet, the temperature gauge tells me that it should feel a tad chilly. Off with the jacket!

Late afternoon we had a small shower. Big drops of rain fell on the car making splotchy noises. At first one would think that a bird had passed by and … no, it’s definitely splotches of rain.

The local weatherman predicts rain tonight with both rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. Well, the rain did come tonight – then a pretty clearing. The eastern night sky was illuminated by the sun going down in the west.

Eastern Sky at Night in Lake Elmo

After the rainfall, it was pretty to see the wee bit of blue in the sky. The trees on our property have filled in very nicely and we have a forest as our backyard now. So nice. It’s like living on a campground.


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