Lake Elmo Neighborhood Pictures

I went to sleep last night with the frogs croaking either in the nearby pond or in the lake. It’s a soothing croak.

This morning I look out the window to see a hawk soaring in the sky. Beautiful. I’m pretty sure there are a pair of them. I saw one as it was perched on a tree but it was too far away for me to take a picture.

Then it happened. After all the rain we’ve been having I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Baby mosquitoes perched on my window screens. Small enough to get through. My sliding door slams shut! I have yet to get screen mosquito repellant. Later in the day, we opened the front door to go outside for a little while – there it is. My first indoor mosquito. I quickly get the newspaper and swat! it’s dead.

Today the welcoming committee for our neighborhood rang our doorbell. We were handed a folder with information on the neighborhood and are invited to attend the house socials that they have monthly. But where’s the pie? Just kidding. We feel blessed to belong to a neighborhood that has a welcoming committee. At first though I thought it was the Jehovah Witnesses who had found us.

My husband and I decided to go for our first neighborhood walk. It’s nice outside although a little humid. As we start walking on the road, we notice that our house can barely be seen now because of the trees that have blossomed.

Lake Elmo House

Walking down the road, we feel like we are out in the country. It’s so quiet that we can hear the birds chirping and the wind rustling in the air.

As we pass each house tucked away in the trees, we see unique mailboxes.

Our neighbors, and the previous owner of our house, have planted lots of hostas. I was told by one person that the local deer like hostas but I think they must not like this kind — or the person was wrong.


One property had lots of ground cover –  yellow flowers whose name I don’t know.

Ground Cover

Lots of trees. I feel like I’m out in the woods camping.



The back of our house can barely be seen from the road.

As we end our walk, two hawks soar overhead. Welcome home!


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  1. I can’t see it that well, but I believe your yellow-blossoming ground cover is St. John’s Wort–good for migraines. 😀

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