Seattle Trip

My trip to Seattle finally came to fruition as I flew in yesterday afternoon. (Unfortunately, a tornado hit the Minneapolis area shortly after I left causing damage.) The clouds greeted me warmly. I got rather nostalgic as I drove into the city. The rental car company had me take the wrong car out of the parking lot and I was stopped as I left to exit. Fortunately, they allowed me to drive away with the newer Nissan Sentra instead of the subcompact I had rented — and for the same price.

I started visiting a couple who have been near and dear to me for awhile. He’s the quiet type and recently had an accident with his foot for which he does not want to get medical attention. So I’m pressing for the doctor visit to happen as the foot does not look good. The accident happened over 2 weeks ago and the foot is still quite swollen and does not look like it’s healed quickly enough.

My evening destination led me to another couple. I can’t say enough about them — I probably shouldn’t because they may read my blog too.  haha  They have opened the doors to their home for my family time and time again. I had fresh salmon for dinner which I haven’t had since I left Seattle. Then we stayed up talking and talking. It was great to see them again and I’ll see them later this week. I slept soundly in the bed that was made for me — just like I did the last time I was there.

This morning, two more couple friends. I feel so blessed that I know such wonderful people. How did so many wonderful people cross my path? Breakfast at Portage Bay – lively conversation and a tad bit of sadness as I left them, although I hope to see them again later this week.

Now I’m waiting for my son to arrive so we can have lunch. I haven’t seen him since November so I’m really looking forward to this visit. We were supposed to do some shopping together but I don’t know if he’ll have time as he needs to head to work sometime. But again — a “later this week visit” will occur.

Seattle seems so much more vibrant with colors than Minnesota. I think Minnesota had a late start for spring this year.

While driving around, I can say don’t miss the crowded city streets. One lane driving with cars parked on both sides – makes me nervous. And having to pay for parking everywhere you go …

I did drive by our old house here. It looks so dreary. The blinds are drawn in every room. I didn’t think they had a day sleeper but maybe someone’s sick. Driving through the back, it doesn’t seem anything has been done, i.e. no lawn mowed, no deck furniture yet. The neighbor finally put a fence up in the back. I remember asking him if he’d go in half with us on the side fence and he didn’t respond. Oh well …

The rest of the week will be busy and I may have limited internet access except on my phone. One more visit to an elderly friend and then I’m off to another couple’s house which is my home for the week, although I won’t be there much except for sleeping.

Coming back brings many memories and unfortunately there are many people who don’t know I’m in town and who won’t get a visit because time just won’t allow for it. Perhaps next time …


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