Seattle Trip

Peet's in Seattle

Finally! Real hot chocolate! I have missed my Peet’s so much. The hot chocolate in Minnesota (St Paul area) is okay but sitting here drinking my cup of cocoa feels so wonderful.

My days in Seattle are quickly passing by. I’ve been able to see so many people already and tomorrow will be a “slow” day for me. Right now, I am between “friends.” Walking into my old Fremont neighborhood brings back a lot of old memories.

I will have to return before I leave —

The area has changed somewhat. The Aurora Bridge (Highway 99), which can be seen from this area, has been fitted with suicide barriers. Too many people jumping to their deaths from the bridge led them to set up the barriers as the houseboat owners who live underneath the bridge complained.

Aurora Bridge, Seattle, WA

Today is cloudy, cool and a typical Seattle day although I would have expected it to be a wee bit warmer while I was here visiting.

Yesterday, I took an elderly lady out to lunch and it poured and poured so we were not able to get inside the Alderwood Mall for walking. Instead we settled for a KFC. Coming to Seattle and eating KFC is like … well, let’s just say it’s not on my list of top 10 things to do. But we have to accomodate the weather here. I was surprised she still remembers me since she has onset dementia. The minute I walked into her room though she lit up and yelled “Norma!” It was heartwarming.

I feel so blessed here in Seattle with so many true friends. I just shake my head and thank God for allowing us to live here and getting to know these wonderful people.



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