Formally A Minnesotan

Today I went to the Department of Licensing in downtown St Paul, Minnesota and took the written test so I could get my Minnesota drivers license.

Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services

I studied a long time online before taking the test. I did not read the manual which, according to a sign I saw in their office today, is no longer available in booklet form. I assumed (incorrectly) that the questions online would be the exact same ones, with some variations, of the ones on the written test.

Although some of the questions were similar, they were asked differently. The questions I did not study for online I guessed at, used logic for the others or had knowledge based on all my years of driving.

The attendant who took care of me after the test was very friendly. I think it’s because I was beaming that I passed. I normally don’t do well on tests even if I have the knowledge in my head. A mental block forms and I fail.

But not this time! I felt sorry for the young man sitting two seats away from me who looked like he was having a hard time understanding what they were asking.

Minnesota license plates? Check! Minnesota driver’s license? Check!



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