Frogs, Coqui and the Hawaiian Islands

Almost every evening, if we keep our sliding door or window open, we can hear the hum of many frogs in the pond and/or lake near our house. The song of the frogs is very calming to me — although if I were to cross paths with a frog, a not-so-little whimper might crack the little frog’s ears.

In Puerto Rico, they also have frogs but the sounds they make are quite different. The frog is called a Coqui, meaning little frog. And little they are.

The Coqui - A Little Frog

Most Puerto Ricans love the sound of the co-qui as it sings at night. But when there are quite a few of them together, the sound can be very loud.

Back in 2003, the islands of Hawaii, Kauai and Oahu tried to rid itself of these frogs using citric acid because “scientists are concerned that the quarter-size frogs were eating at least some bugs that exist nowhere else on Earth, are stealing insect food from the mouths of endangered birds and could provide a ready food supply for non-native snakes.”  (Click here to read the article)

What’s a blessing to some people can be a curse to others … life.

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