We live in a world where we can see everything live on TV, the internet or on our cell phones. And yet, in the U.S. we live fairly sheltered lives. We have a choice in what we see — what we allow to be in our minds.

Not so with millions of people throughout the world. In a June 22nd article in World Magazine, Afghan Christians purportedly warned President Obama of the danger in pulling our troops out of their country – a risk to their lives.

We are aghast when we see crimes in the U.S. not fit to be viewed with our eyes. But this is everyday life for a lot of people.

Our American society gives us freedom to believe as we wish and yet there will come a time when that will not be the case. (Revelation 13) There currently exists bits of prejudices against people with a different belief system whether they are Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. yet not as bad as in some other countries.

People are afraid of the unknown and seem to be more afraid of getting to know the unknown.

For now, I choose not to look at pictures of beheadings or other gross crimes whereby the images will permanently be etched in my brain.

One day though, I’ll not have the choice.


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