Bug of the Week – No-see-ums

No-see-ums – a cute name for a pesky bug. Indeed — these tiny flies are called that because you can hardly see them “no-see-um.”  The females bite, suck your blood and make you itch. I feel itchy all over at night and now during the day.

They like to enter our house through the bedroom windows. Not sure why they pick that time of day except that they are attracted to light. Normally they don’t “roam” away from their home unless they are bothered. They like living in dead leaves — well, our property certainly has lots of that. In reading about them, they can travel up to 350 feet.  That’s a long way and obviously they like our house.

Before bedtime, I have sprayed the bedroom mesh screen with Mosquito Repellant. No-see-ums are pretty tiny and can enter through the holes of the mesh screen. The other solution would be to replace our screens with one that has smaller mesh holes so they can’t enter. Or — if worse comes to worse — just use the air conditioner at night.

Oh bother! One of the things I don’t like about Minnesota are the bugs. Although, we really don’t have too many. They just seem to like my fresh blood. And I like raking leaves — one of the tasks I was hoping to work on this next week.

Maybe the no-see-ums and I will become friends.  Yeah, right!

Click here to see pictures of what they look like.







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