Minnesota Dew Point

Okay — so now the weather is getting ridiculous. With highs in the 90’s, we have broken the previous dew point record from the 1940’s. It’s a sauna out there. We are hotter than Florida according to my sister who lives there. She’s invited us over to “cool off.” (For a quick definition of the dew point, click here.)

Since we’ve moved to Minnesota, we have had the 5th worst winter and now we’re breaking summer records. I won’t judge Minnesota on one summer — I’ll give it three years. Then — well, if the summers are this bad I may have to go back to Seattle. The winters I don’t mind — even if we do get below zero.

We have had so much rain that my potted outdoor plants have drowned.

Drowned Tomato Plant
Drowned Flowers

Minnesota — shape up or I ship out!


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