The Ant and the Apple Computer

My Apple MacBook Pro is laid aside every evening on its side on our family room carpet floor.

In the morning, I open my computer and log in. Since moving to Minnesota, and particularly to our new house, I have had an interesting phenomena occur.

Ants spew forth from the keyboard of my computer. Okay, okay — spewing forth is probably not the correct phrase. One to three ants may come out when I open the computer.

At first I thought it was because the computer was warm as I left it plugged in overnight. But, I tested that theory by leaving the computer unplugged overnight. Still — the occasional ant comes out.

What’s even more interesting is that mine is the only computer in our house that has the problem.

Last night, I unplugged the computer, put it on a high shelf and opened it this morning to see if I had any new visitors. Nope. But, one time does not a success make. So tonight I will leave the computer plugged in and place it high on a shelf again. The only problem with that is that the ants could potentially walk up to the shelf via the adapter cord.

I then surmised that I might have a queen ant in my computer and she laid eggs and the ants come out occasionally.  Far fetched though. The queen ant doesn’t work that way — although, stranger things in life have happened.

We’ll see … we’ll see …



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