Ups and Downs of the Market

With the Dow Jones and S&P 500 going up and down with no one really knowing what is happening, it’s easy for fear to make its home in our hearts.

I have quite a different view of the market though. When mutual funds and stocks plummet, I see this as an opportunity. Yes, I know it is affecting my 401K. It’s also a good time to look for stocks that are of good value.

The Apple Company “has achieved the status as the most valuable company in the world” according to an article in TechZone360.

Another article in SeekingAlpha states that “Apple will be the most valuable company in 2012.” Very interesting.

I remember a few years back, our son told us to buy Apple stock. Back then, the company was what I considered stodgy — not really going anywhere. The iPods had just started to come out. Stock worth? Approximate $19 a share. At end of day today, a share of Apple stock is at $365.60. At one point in July, an Apple share was $404.  If only …

Opportunities still exist to purchase Apple stock along with other stocks that have good (low) P/E ratios.

So — don’t fear. There’s nothing we can do about it anyway. Don’t sell low unless you have an absolute need for the money today.

Worse case scenario — you lose all your money. You’ll still have your life and (hopefully) loved ones that surround you.

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