Back in Minnesota

My trip to Seattle proved to be quite relaxing. Six nights and 7 days — almost like taking a cruise.

Visiting with friends always makes my heart glad.

The plane’s descent over Minnesota on the return trip was beautiful. The autumn colors could clearly be seen and the many  lakes were visible to the eye. A perfect welcome home.

I was thankful when I arrived at the house. I missed the new house – a sign that I am finally settling into this new state called Minnesota.

So many autumn changes in the week that I was gone. The colors on the trees are absolutely gorgeous as the sun filters through the leaves.

I enjoy raking leaves. We’ll see how I feel after this autumn when I have the opportunity to rake many many leaves.

Autumn Colors
Autumn Leaves

Autumn reminds me that there can be beauty in death — another aging revelation. Beauty can be found in just about everything.


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