Autumn is my favorite time of year. When I lived in Seattle, I would put a rake along with some garbage bags in my car and head to where leaves had fallen. I would rake leaves from streets and from a local church yard just so I could use them for my worm compost bin. I didn’t bring my worm bin with me but instead scattered the hundreds of worms throughout the yard. So — I don’t really need too many leaves now. However, I moved into a house that sits on an acre of land with lots of trees.

Trees in Autumn

Since I enjoy raking leaves, I headed to the driveway to begin my first rake of the season. I started at the driveway and worked my way to the house. It didn’t look too bad.

The neighbor’s son from across the street came by. “Nice leaves, huh?” His response “You need a leaf blower.” I told him that I enjoyed raking leaves and he again said “You need a leaf blower. I usually wait until the end of October.”

I assured the man that I would be fine.

It looks so pretty when the leaves are picked up off the ground. Well, it’s pretty when there are leaves too but this is much cleaner.

The next day I woke up and went outside. I can’t say I was surprised. Where’s the driveway? And the walkway to the backyard?

Hmmm … I think I’ll get that leaf blower.


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