Penn State

What a tragedy this whole thing is. Adults who were told of the molestation of boys — looking the other way.

What were their thoughts? Were they trying to save the school’s reputation? Was it the reputation of the leaders that was considered?

The rioting by the students at Penn State is even more disheartening to me.

Should there not be repercussions for the leaders, people in positions of authority, of a school who have morally committed wrongs? Should we also look the other way?

This makes me want to vomit! I am repulsed by those in our society who want to put the school’s team ahead of the victims.

Parents send their children to school and trust that everything will go fine. And if it doesn’t, those parents trust that the school will do everything in their power to protect their children.

There is little accountability these days. We don’t seem to require much of our leaders.

Some would say “It happened so long ago and we need to move on.”

Tell that to the victims. Go ahead. Tell that to the victims. Ask them how normal their lives are now that they have been sexually abused.

The reputation of a school should not be above the safety of children.

And whether Sandusky molested one or eight boys — he needs help.

So many times we look the other way because we don’t want to be involved. But we are involved. Child abuse affects our society as a whole. And those molested sometimes become molesters themselves.

May God’s grace be with us as we sort through this mess.

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