A Dream

I was a student at a school. I wasn’t fitting in. Finally I went to my teacher and told her that I couldn’t attend anymore. When I left the classroom, I saw a man who had a gun and he was shooting at people. He was on the top of a hill and I was walking down it. When he shot at me, he missed.

I continued walking downhill. Later, I ran into the back of a funeral. I could see people trying to stop me as I walked passed all the cars to the front. They were talking about a woman and the speaker said “She wanted to make sure that “these” were all taken down.” She was holding a plaque of some kind.

The speaker looked at me and I took the plaque and said “She wants us to have the good words engraved on plaques lived in our lives. They mean nothing on stone.”

I continued walking and saw a boy on the bank of a river. There was a cake sitting on a ledge and he was trying to get a piece. Looking past the cake into the river, I saw the bodies of sheep floating downstream.

Me: What’s that?!!!! I yelled.

Boy: They kill them to eat them.

Me: But these weren’t eaten.

Boy: Sometimes they just slaughter them.

The boy got his piece of cake and I woke up from the dream.

Lambs slaughtered. The school in my dream leads me to believe that this was a dream about Penn State. The news brings it to mind morning and night.

There is more to this story I’m sure. Right now, it appears that innocent boys lives have been slaughtered. The victims lives are affected in so many ways:

  • Their perspective of leaders
  • Their sexuality
  • Trust in people – can it ever exist?
  • Self esteem
  • Feelings of guilt
The list goes on.
I offer prayers for these victims and for all other victims because this goes on around us all the time.
May we never look the other way when God’s children are abused.


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