The first real snowfall of the season gave us 2 inches of white fluff. It started falling Saturday morning and by the time we left church and got onto the highway the slush and ice had slowed traffic quite a bit. One hundfred fourteen cars had been in accidents by the end of the day.

This is Minnesota and people seem to forget how to drive in snow from one year to the next.

By the time we reached our neighborhood 40 minutes later, the local public works department had already plowed our streets.

Snow is very pretty but does have dangers if one is not careful.

By evening time, we continued getting a light dusting of the white crystals.

At around 10:30 p.m. I decided it was time to shovel. Dressing in my outside winter attire which consists of UGG boots, a Land’s End coat that’s warm up to down to -20 degrees, warm gloves and a hat, I opened the door to the smell of night.

At 25 or so degrees, I expected to be cold but I was not. Grabbing the shovel, I started up the driveway.

It was so peaceful. The semi-cloudy sky showed the occasional bright star that seemed to blink down at me saying “thank you for joining us tonight.” There was a stillness in the air. Hushed darkness with only the sound of a shovel going back and forth.

My husband and I were the only ones outside enjoying the night air.

I felt like going for a walk but thought better of it since our neighborhood does not have street lights and I didn’t have a fluorescent coat on.

Minnesota air is dry in the winter so it doesn’t feel as cold as one would expect.

It’s here. Winter that is. The calendar doesn’t say so but the first snowfall has announced it.

No matter that later this week we’ll reach 50 degrees. The snow has made its entrance and for the next few months we will live in a tranquil house. No bugs buzzing, no chain saws, no motor boats on the lake — only an occasional walker passing by.

How peaceful. My soul finds respite from the busyness of this earth. And the slowness of this season gladdens my heart.

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