The Christmas Tree

Last year we had bought a small artificial Christmas tree because we were living in a small apartment. This year we live in a house with a family room that has a 12 foot ceiling so we decided to get a live Christmas tree.  It did not take us long to find one.

We saw a sign at the Guardian Angel Church parking lot advertising the sale of trees. We were hoping to get a 5-6 foot tree. Getting out of the car, we walked around and looked at every tree. Most seemed pretty scraggly and since they were $50 I had decided to try elsewhere.

Before leaving I asked the man leading us around, “Do you happen to have any other trees?” I really didn’t think they did but didn’t want to disappoint him in not getting a sale. “Yes,” was his reply.

The salesperson led us to the “back” where they had 3 very large trees. My eyes immediately went to the one I thought was just about perfect. I had the salesman hold the tree up for me, looked at my husband for approval, and said “we’ll take it.” Another family was standing nearby and had we not taken it I believe they would have.

So — how does one get a 10 foot tree on a Toyota Camry with no luggage rack?

Christmas Tree

The workers were very efficient. They “netted” the tree so it was nice and slim. Hauling it onto the top of the car, they easily tied it down.

The only problem we had at this Christmas tree lot was that they only took cash. We had to drive to an ATM with the tree on top of the car and then return to make our payment. (Minnesota has very trusting people.)

Decorated Christmas Tree

After waiting a day for our tree to dry, we hung the lights and decorations on it.

Standing back and looking at the tree, I wonder how tall the tree was that Christ was crucified on. I was thankful that I remembered the reason for this season.



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