Heat Problems

For a while now I’ve felt quite cold in our family room. I thought I was the only one with the problem because my husband was warm. I’d walk around with cold feet, cold hands, and a cold nose. My husband had warm feet, warm hands and a warm nose. Quite the opposite of me.

Our beautiful fireplace works well in our family room but it still was not keeping me very warm.

Last week, one of my son’s came home for Christmas and he mentioned how cold our family room was. I decided to check to see if there was heat coming from the heat registers and when I put my hand over them, hardly any heat was coming out.

My husband, who has a genius logical brain, decided to go to the basement and do some sleuthing. Guess what? He found that there is a lever that can turn the heat duct to the family room off, on or in between. And — it was barely on.

With the adjustment made, the family room is now toasty.

(Apologies to our family who came to visit for Thanksgiving and probably were freezing but didn’t tell us.)

We are slowly learning about all the nice features this house has to offer, ie being able to have different heat settings in different parts of the house. Unfortunately, they are not “nice” unless we know about them.

Well, we have many years to learn.



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