Winter in Minnesota

The rain in Spain is falling mainly in Minnesota ….

It’s not winter quite yet although by now Minnesota should have had a wee bit more snow.

Today it feels like I’ve been transported back to Seattle — cloudy, rainy and in the 30’s. Yesterday it felt like Seattle — cloudy, rainy and in the 30’s. Three days of clouds is making me bonkers.

I need sun! Minnesota always seems to have sun even after a good snowfall. I don’t remember the clouds in Seattle affecting me so much. I feel blah, bleh, blegh …

The weather woman was telling us about the weather forecast with an umbrella over her head. It’s quite different here. All the weather people seem to step “outside” to give us the weather report — even when it’s freezing cold.

Hopefully today will bring good news for the rest of the week. Come on sunshine!




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