The War in Iraq is Over

Veterans Cemetery

That’s what I keep hearing — the war in Iraq is over. Announcement after announcement — the troops are coming home. But is it really over?

It seems to me that it’s just starting for the soldiers coming home. The adjustments they will have to make won’t be easy as they transition back into family life. Do they have classes for that?

The effects of war continue in the families of the approximately 4500 who died, in the lives of the 32,000+ who came/are coming home injured and in the number of Iraqis who died which is estimated at 600,000.

The effects of this war has left both physical and emotional scars that will be around for the rest of peoples lives.

Combine this with the idea that a lot of people still don’t know why we entered this war since no weapons of mass destruction were found.

To further add insult to injury, yesterday the news reported that the Iraqi government is controlled by Shiites who are friendly with Iran. Other sources are quick to discount that relationship — because the thought makes us all cringe.

It reminds me of a song …

“War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again!”

Was this war really necessary?

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