The Crooked Treasurer

What would you do?

A treasurer steals money and his direct supervisor continues to trust him with the money. Sound absurd? Who in their right mind would make a decision to give money to a known crook?

Not only did the supervisor give the treasurer the money to hold, he also gave him other responsibilities.

The treasurer’s name was Judas. The supervisor? Jesus.

We wouldn’t normally treat someone like this but that’s what makes us different than Jesus. He thinks “outside” the box in His relationship with people.

An author shares their perspective:

“Judas was blinded to his own weakness of character, and Christ placed him where he would have an opportunity to see and correct this. As treasurer for the disciples, he was called upon to provide for the needs of the little company, and to relieve the necessities of the poor.” EG White

Day in and day out, Judas saw Jesus healing the sick, casting out devils and raising the dead. He walked with a miracle worker but he did not allow the character of Jesus to rub off on him.

We have to be careful that we don’t follow in Judas steps. Jesus sometimes allows us to be in places so that we can see our weakness and have an opportunity to correct it.


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