Minnesota Winter

So far, we have had 4 inches of snow for the year. It’s all melted away now. If the temperatures weren’t in the low 30’s I would think it was still October. The “brown-ness” in the neighborhood fools me when I look out the window. Brown leaves, brown trees, brown deer, brown turkeys — brown and beige.

Turkey hidden in brown trees
Brown Squirrel hidden in brown trees

Last year, everything was a blanket of snow so everything was white.

I’m not complaining. I know that soon enough the snow will come. For now, I don’t mind being able to drive without ice under the tires.

A recent news report showed a picture of a tilted ice house on the lake. Must be a newbie who attempted this as any seasoned Minnesotan knows it is far too early for ice fishing as the lakes are not frozen yet. Hey — I guess I’m not a newbie anymore because even I know that!

The sun is back. Every time the temperature goes over 25 I think “it’s warm outside.” The sunshine makes all the difference.


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