Harry and David

I enjoy Christmas. And sometimes it brings nice unexpected surprises in the mail.

Today we received a box from Harry and David Gifts. The gifts inside the large box come in pretty individual boxes with a pretty red bow holding them together.

My sister and I were once talking about how we like to give things to people that we like to get back in return. Harry and David’s is one of those types of gifts.

Harry and David

Notice the blemish on one of the pears? I hadn’t noticed it until I sent an email to the friend who sent me the package with the picture above. She pointed it out right away. When I took the rest of the pears out they too were blemished.

Blemished pears

I hadn’t planned on telling my friend about it because I didn’t want her to stress but what she told me is true “Anything from Harry & David should be perfect—that’s why they can command top dollar.”

So, we’ll see what Harry and David has to say.

Update: Harry and David is sending out some more pears. How quickly they responded. Hope the pears look better than the first batch.

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