Christmas Gifts

It must be hard for people to “read” my face to know whether I like a gift that has been given to me. I’ve never been one to overly gush over gifts. Most times I find it uncomfortable to receive a gift. But I sure like giving them!

This year I received quite a few very thoughtful gifts, ie, the giver actually gave some thought to what they were giving  me instead of just buying what was on sale some place.

One of these types of gifts that my husband and I received this year came from his mother. It came in an envelope in the mail with no note. The only reason we knew it was from her was because she always asks us if we have been to a concert in Minnesota.

With all the house “stuff” that we’ve been having to do, we just haven’t had time to head over to Minnesota for an evening of relaxation yet.

But look at this!

Minnesota Concert Packet

This packet includes a voucher for 2 concerts, a voucher for 2 beverages and a parking ticket along with a calendar that shows when all the concerts are. And we get to choose the one we go to! It is one of the most absolute complete gifts I have ever seen! Everything is included.

I’m hoping to use these around our anniversary in March sometime.

There were many other gifts I received that rise to the level of thoughtful gifts. My husband and I are blessed to have both family and friends who continue to lavish their love on us.


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