What is fatwood? That’s a good question.

I had never heard of it until I started trying to think of creative gifts for my husband for Christmas. He’s more of a tech guy but since we moved to our new house he’s become more of a fire-making, flannel wearing, wood chopping kind’ve a guy.

So, what does one get a man to help him transition from urban to rural life? Fatwood!

Fatwood is a type of kindling that comes from pine trees. It makes starting a fireplace fire real easy.


The kindling contains a natural compound called Terpene (normally produced by plants, particularly confiers).

We have been using 1-2 small pieces of fatwood instead of newspaper to start our fires. It works very quick and helps to spark the larger pieces of wood.

I purchased a 25 lb box from LL Bean as they had free shipping and I had read good reviews regarding the use of it. But you can get it from many places (click the picture below to check on one example of where else to purchase it although I had very good service with LL Bean).

Since fatwood is so combustible, it must be kept away from the house. That’s understandable as one should do that even with “regular” wood.

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