Food Variety

I haven’t had very many posts recently with new recipes because we’ve had a guest who has been cooking for us almost every day. The food is varied — Indian, Kenyan, Greek, etc.

Here are some pictures of some of what we’ve had recently:

Turkish Winter Stew with Tyropsomo Bread

(This soup and bread was delicious!)

Vegetarian Pastichio, Peas and Potatoes, Greek Salad

The vegetarian pastichio is a baked pasta dish. It was very good as was the peas with potatoes (although it could have had a little less oil). I am partial to Greek salads so I have to say it was great.

Vegetarian Spinach Lasagne with Garlic Snow Peas

The lasagne was perfect. Crusty on the edges just like I like it. The snow peas were not overcooked but crisp.

These recipes may eventually make their way to our guest’s website,


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