Growing Up Amish

The book Growing Up Amish was given to me as a gift since my curiosity about the Amish people was piqued when my husband and I went on vacation to Door County, Wisconsin and I passed “Amish” country.

When I first started reading the book, I found it quite “choppy” to read. There were quite a few places where whole sentences weren’t used. It’s okay to do that occasionally but it seemed like this book had a lot of them and it was distracting to the flow of the book.

After getting past the third chapter things started to get better.

At first, I thought I knew what the ending of the book was going to be. The story line seemed to vacillate which kept my interest. And, it was simple.

One sentence in the book really hit home with me. On page 130 it says:

“A mental choice, absent real internal change, is no choice at all.”

So many times I think I’m making choices when in reality I’m not. Perhaps they should be considered baby “choices” on the journey to the final choice. Like climbing one rung on a ladder at a time. Making real internal change takes a lot of work and the author certainly went through his fair share of climbing a rung at a time.

One step up, two steps back. Eventually one can get to two steps up, one step back. At least it’s a step — a movement towards something.

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