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The Caribbean Princess  is similar in a lot of ways to other ships we’ve been on. There are shops, a casino, a photo gallery, an art gallery, opportunities to take tour excursions or just relax.

The people on this ship seemed to be old’er — not too many children running around which gave it a more relaxed feeling.

Caribbean Princess

Before we sailed, we had training on how to put our lifejackets on and everyone had to go to their “muster” stations (meeting areas) for general safety instructions. While this is happening, the cabin stewards go through the cabins to make sure that everyone is in attendance. This meeting is mandatory and something I hear did not happen on the cruise ship Costa Concordia during their recent grounding in Italy. (On all of our previous cruises, we have always had this mandatory meeting.)

Muster Station Sign

Each cabin has a life jacket for every person. These are extras in case you’re not near your cabin if something happens.

In the middle of the ship is the purser’s desk. The people assist you with just about anything: change (for the laundry room), information on the tour excursions, expressing any concerns, etc.

Purser's Desk

There are stairs (or elevators) everywhere. I tried walking up and down the stairs to get exercise (in case I over-ate) but found I was overdoing it as I walked plenty throughout the day.

Ship Stairs
Ship Stairs

This was one cool elevator (on the right). I liked the design on the outside and the fact that I could see everyone as I was going up and down.

Ship Elevator

There were a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of people who would sit and watch the movies that they had running day and night on the big screen TV. (I was not one of them.) Free popcorn and ice cream counters were around the corner. And the dining room buffet was not that far away either. It was very convenient if you wanted to hang out here.

On Saturday, they showed the football playoff games.

Movie Screen

There were many areas of the ship where you could sit, read a book or spend “alone” time. There was always someone around ready to offer you a drink though. Soda used to be free but now they charge you for it. Since I’m not a soda drinker I didn’t buy any of the soda “cards” for unlimited drinks on the trip.

Fusion Club



I didn’t spend too much time in these rooms/clubs. Instead, I preferred walking around and seeing/meeting the many different people from throughout the world. I met one couple who were from Europe and they take 2 cruises a year. Can you imagine?!!!!

The ship has art auctions but I decided not to attend them as the art is normally over-priced. The last cruise I was on (for my 25th wedding anniversary) also had art that was displayed/sold and I won a French art piece at a raffle. When I got home, I checked online and it seems lots of people “win” these art pieces and sell them on Ebay at very low prices. I framed mine as it was a nice memento.

I did like the art that was displayed throughout the ship.

Ship Wall Decor
Ship Wall Decor
Ship Wall Decor
Ship Wall Decor
Ship Wall Decor
Ship Wall Decor

When the ship was at a port I walked through the casino a few times to get to the other side. It was not busy because the casino is closed when the ship is in port.

Ship Casino

This was the view from our cabin balcony looking down.

Every evening my family would go to the Princess Theatre where they had entertainment which included Las Vegas style performances or comediennes.

Princess Theatre

The long corridors in the ship don’t seem as daunting as they look. By the second day you pretty much know which way you are heading (if you pay attention, that is).

Ship Hallway

On Thursday I headed to the laundry room. I assumed no one else would be there but I was wrong. There were two other families doing their laundry. The rest of the week the laundry room was pretty quiet. It was interesting to me that one of the families doing laundry was Puerto Rican. I think we (Puerto Ricans) have a “thing” about doing our laundry even when we’re on vacation. Very odd. I must’ve picked up the habit from my mother.

Laundry room

I liked the layout of this ship although for the first couple of days I had no idea where I was going. There were many more things to see and do — an outdoor basketball court, an indoor gym, swimming pools, a spa and salon.

Lazy or busy — it was always my choice what my day would bring.

I always chose the lazy day. I have enough busy days at home.

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