This past summer I noticed that ants had been coming into the house. Not a big deal — or so I thought. I would kill them one at a time, unmindful of the evil that might descend upon me for killing one of nature’s creatures. Whatever.

How to get rid of them? It was easy. I took my bottle of Windex and sprayed them — one ant at a time. They entered, I killed them.

Then they started geting a little more aggressive. A family of ants visiting, I told myself. Googling “how to get rid of ants” I found that there were a few natural ways to kill them.

First mode of attack: Baby powder. Since I had spare baby powder in the house, I dusted each one with a goodly amount. I watched as they carried their burden back into the hole they’d come from. A friend of mine told me he thought I was cruel — especially since I watched them head back home all white and dusty. That didn’t faze me.

For goodness sake! They’re ants!

They continued coming. Hmmm … I must not be giving them enough baby powder, I surmised. After a few days of dusting the ants with more baby powder I looked down and saw how my kitchen floor was being transformed into white circles of baby powder. Tip toeing around these circles made life — interesting.

But — they still came! I wonder if baby powder was making them ovulate? Wait, do ants ovulate? (she chuckles) 

I became obsessed with getting rid of these pests. My self-esteem was building and determination gripped my mind.

Second mode of attack: Cinnamon. Okay, I was a little doubtful about this one but I thought “what the hay.” Sticks of fresh cinnamon were cut in half and placed in strategic places around the family room, laundry room and kitchen. Now my house looked dusty white with the smell of cinnamon permeating the air.

No — I’m really not going crazy, I told myself silently so no one would hear. My family remained quiet on this matter as my guts wrenched inside. I hate bugs! Sigh …

By now, the ants seemed to like the family and laundry rooms more than the kitchen. I WILL get rid of them!

I put all three idea into action.

  • Windex — check!
  • Baby powder – check!
  • Cinnamon – check!

I hit them hard and they kept coming. I knew I was in trouble. I don’t think this was a “family” of ants anymore. I believe I had a nest. Ugh!  What to do now?

Much to my disappointment at failing to kill my visitors the “natural” way, I called Rove Pest Company up and they dispatched someone in two days.

Three traps were laid down with a mix of sugar and poison. And the ants came and came! The representative who came told me not to panic when the ants started coming. She said it was “normal” and that they would take the bait back to the nest and kill the queen along with the rest of the ants.

Ant Trap

The hairs on my arm stood up as I watched them invade this small portion of the laundry room. The urge to stomp on them was almost overwhelming but I restrained myself with a stoutness I didn’t think I had.

Was she right? Yes! I still have the traps out and after a few days I have seen nary an ant.

Calmness fills my heart now. Well, at least until spring. With the 4th mildest winter in Minnesota, I believe we will have a LOT of bugs this spring.




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