A Warming Trend

Today is quite different weather-wise from yesterday. Actually, it’s quite different mood-wise also. Reading yesterday’s post, one would have thought that I was on the verge of depression. Not so. A series of disappointing events occurred that brought my tenacity to an almost screeching halt. I’ve since recovered.

I don’t know what’s going on in Minnesota this year. Our winter has been so mild and this week they anticipate having 4-5 days of 70 degree temperatures. I’m certainly enjoying the warmth but my mind thinks forward to the summer with the concern being an onslaught of bugs that didn’t get killed over the winter.

The neighbors small marshland that sits behind the back of our lot has water in it already. Gone is the snow and ice that the deer walked on. This, I believe, is where most of our mosquitoes come from. The dragonflies have not yet appeared so the mosquito population has not yet started hatching.

The “plan” now is to get some Mosquito Dunks which are pellets that can be dropped in standing water. The pellets contain a bacteria that feed on the larvae and kill those blood-sucking … oh, sorry, almost got carried away there. (laughing)

The area lakes are thawing rather quickly but unless we get a lot of spring rain, the water levels will be very low which can affect summer activities. Perhaps I won’t be able to learn to fish this year. A neighbor I met this past weekend told me that the fish in the nearby lake are desperate for food so I can even use corn as bait. I found that so funny! Being naive about fishing though, I will probably try it to see if it works.

I never dreamed that I would be strategizing on how to rid the area around us of mosquitoes and ticks nor of competing with neighbors to see who can make the best woodpile. (It will be me of course but I’ll let them learn that on their own.)

I guess I’m a Minnesotan after all.



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