Bird Spottings

They are here! The birds are back thanks to the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing.

While driving home, I noticed that the neighbor dog was a little agitated pacing back and forth while looking up at a tree on our property. Looking up, I noticed a huge yellow looking bird. Hmmm … I wonder if the falcon is back.

Running to get my camera from inside the house, I took many shots of this large bird. He stood perfectly still as I got as close as I could without disturbing him. At first, I thought it was an owl as it was so round and puffy-like. But, what a surprise I had when I looked at the pictures and found that my treasure for the day was spotting a red-shouldered hawk. I understood the concern of my furry dog friend as these hawks are carnivorous and its diet mainly consist of small mammals.

Red Shouldered Hawk

She looks a tad bit fat to me and I believe I probably took this picture shortly after she had grabbed something to eat.

Red Shouldered Hawk

While I was outside, I spotted a smaller version of this hawk which I’m pretty sure was the male. Unfortunately, the light wasn’t conducive to taking a picture of it but it sure was making a racket!


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