Yes — it is mating season in Minnesota!

While sitting on my screen porch yesterday, I heard a raucous loud sound. Over and over again this sound pierced the still air til finally a wing flutter could be heard. Looking towards the sound, I could hear two wing flutters. And there they were! Two majestic looking hawks — male chasing female.

I quickly looked through my binoculars to get a good look at these two giant birds. Oops! I was looking at two mating birds. Sheeplishly I put my binoculars down. Hmmm … I never knew that … Well, I had never seen birds mate before.

Today, the cardinal that’s been flitting around our yard had brought his mate with him.

Minnesota Cardinal

Chasing each other through the trees, over and under, they sure looked like they were having a good time.

Yes — mating season has begun. I wonder why I have never noticed this time of year before.


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