The Auto Show

It had been many years since I went to an auto show but this year my husband and I decided to head into Minneapolis and see what the show had to offer. The ooh-ing and ahh-ing on my part had more to do with the colors of the cars than the cars themselves. Whereas (it seemed) the men were looking at engines, tires and everything mechanical, I looked at whether the cars were comfortable, if I could reach all the parts inside and if I felt claustrophobic while sitting in them. The colors were an added bonus even if I wouldn’t buy anything outlandishly colorful.

Here are some of the ones I saw (click on each one to see them in a larger size):

My favorite was the Acura TSX as it reminded me of the Volvo that we bought back in 1984 that died around 20 years later (which was quite odd for a Volvo as they normally last for ages).

We do need a second car in our house although we have been able to manage with one car for the last year and a half. We’ll see where life leads us.


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