Easter Sunday

The Friday before Easter Sunday, I went to the local grocery store for some weekend groceries and read a sign that they had posted which read “Closed Easter Sunday.” That seemed a little odd to me but since I normally do my groceries during the week it wasn’t going to impact my life so I didn’t worry about it.

Sunday morning arrived and we decided we would go out for breakfast braving the mass crowds who would be there since we had a late start to our day. Arriving at the Woodbury Cafe, we expected long lines of people waiting since we arrived around 10 a.m.  Much to our delight we walked in and were seated right away. Looking around, the waiters & waitresses weren’t busy but were relaxed having casual conversations.

Service was good as usual and when we were ready to leave we noticed that there still weren’t many people here. Where were the mass of people exiting the Sunday Easter services, I wondered, as normal Sundays here are quite busy.

Our goal for the day was to buy curtain rods as we are hanging curtain panels in our living room. Heading to Bed, Bath and Beyond we took notice that the parking lot looked quite empty but since we saw a couple entering the store we decided it must be open and it was. But the store had very few customers.

Not having any luck finding what we were looking for, we headed to Home Depot and were disappointed that they didn’t have much of a selection of curtain rods. Oh well, we have all day, I thought.

On to J C Penney. The parking lot was empty here, lights were out and the door was locked. Hmmm … okay then — we’ll go to Pier One I determined. Nope. They had a visible sign that they were closed.

Onto Target! Nope. And this was the Super Target that we went to …

It appears that Easter Sunday in the Twin Cities means that many stores allow their employees to have the day off. A trip to the local Menard’s (similar to Lowe’s) and WalMart later in the day did reward us with stores that were open but not with the curtain rods we were looking for.

I don’t recall having this many stores closed on Easter Sunday in Seattle. Have I just forgotten or was I just more prepared?

It’s interesting to me because recently, when we were looking for a second car, we found out that car dealerships are closed on Sunday.

Oh well — I’ll adapt and next year I won’t plan on shopping on Easter Sunday.


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