Minnesota Spring

Spring in Minnesota is very different than Seattle. At least where I’ve been, I haven’t seen very many azaleas or rhododendrons and one couldn’t walk a block without seeing one of those bushes in Seattle. Part of it, I’m sure, is that our neighborhood is considered “woods” so not much sunlight penetrates the ground.

The pollen count was high the other day and I couldn’t stop sneezing. One “trick” that both Dr. Oz and my doctor recommend to help with handling allergies is to buy a nose saline solution spray and use it in the morning and also at night. It’s worked for me quite well except for that one day.

I enjoy looking at the buds on trees and bushes. New growth is always beautiful even in its early stages.

Tree Bud
Tree Bud

Another thing we don’t see too much of are tulips as the deer eat them up as if they were drinking water. I don’t know why they don’t eat the daffodils though.


On a recent walk, we spotted an albino (white) squirrel. Apparently there are quite a few towns that “fight” over who has the most or the best looking albino squirrels. I was just happy to have spotted one.

Albino (White) Squirrel

Ahhh … spring.

Lastly, I found an old wasp nest. This thing is huge and I believe it’s from last year as there were no wasps flying to and fro. One of the advantages of being short is that I’m always looking “up” so I see things that my tall husband normally wouldn’t see.

Wasp Nest

It’s a blessing that I am able to enjoy these little snippets of nature even though I have not found an appreciation yet for the bugs of this world.

This morning the news people announced that because we’ve had a few days of colder weather overnight, the mosquitoes have been kept at bay. Whew! That’s another blessing I’m thankful for.



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